In the Mood for A.I.


With the introduction of artificial intelligence programs that turn the text into hyper-realistic graphics like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, the application and role of A.I. in the creative field have become controversial issues.

“If the script of the released film were used as input data for this program, how similar would the visual elements including the lights, mood and especially the art production be to the original film? Or will it come out as a whole different version with the ‘creativity’ of A.I.?”

My project, <In the Mood for A.I.> starts with this question.

Using the original script of <In the Mood for Love> directed by Wong, Kar-wai for data, I generate a short film only using the A.I. technology. Disco Diffusion is used for the visual and Aiva is used for the music.